Jeweler creator in Cannes
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Our workshop close on 2019

Our shop provides a high service of jewelry accessible and made on request.

 The quality of our customer services is one of our top priorities.

Every day, we are committed to provide you with the best quality of services.

 This service allows us to maintain the continuity of our creations in time and to build up a lasting, authentic and trustful relation with our customers.

As a jeweller, gem expert and designer, we guarantee the perfect quality of gems that we use to create our collection.

We also create technical drawings thanks to computer services with the most modern tools.

Our collections explore and re-interprate the most classical jewels, beyond even de-measure of lines and curves to create unique pieces that will define our style.

You will choose your gem, your setting, the shade and the jewel touch that will make your jewel unique.

Repairs and Transformations

We offer:

- The repair of gold or platinium jewels

- The transformation of your jewels, the personalized settings of your gems